Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The Pain - The Agony (Wounded Knee)

I sit here in pain. I have a bizarre proposal related injury. I've hurt my knee in a cruel and unusual application writing accident.

Like many creatives, I spend a large proportion of my time applying for funds, or writing proposals for exhibitions. Usually my proposals are, like most proposals, rejected. Other people's ideas were better than mine. That hurts more than my wounded knee, contorted and throbbing under my desk.

Other injuries suffered by artistic applicants of my acquaintance include: lack of daylight, piles from sitting still on the same spot for too long, and red eyes from prolonged screen time. Also - low self esteem. And creeping crowd-funding-itis: '.. I'll show 'em! I'll share my genius with public help!'.

Except, when you can't. When the only way your idea could possibly happen is with the assistance of formal outside funding aka The Big Art Pixies, who will cover the cost of quality space, pay for performers and materials, time etc.

Right now, it's not just my knee. My head hurts. And my heart aches. Oh - this creative life is so very hard *the artist has just swooned*

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