Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Seven Stages Of Proposal Writing

The Seven Stages Of Proposal Writing

1.    Hope. Oooh, a chance! Of money to pay for my excellent, challenging, innovative, inclusive, multi-media, kinetic work.
2.    Denial. ‘I don’t really care about the money. (Liar, liar – that burning smell? It’s your pants.They’re on fire.)
3.    Procrastination. I haven’t done the Excel spread-sheet budget. But you could eat your dinner off my kitchen floor, and my books are filed alphabetically.
4.    Exhaustion. Sudden invasion of work, paid or unpaid. I can’t do this proposal. I just don’t have time.
5.    Doubt – this proposal is rubbish. It’s pants. It’s terrible. It's really grim.
6.    Submission. The trauma and self doubt that follow pressing ‘send.’
7.    Acceptance. Hooray!  Yay! I can do my project! Or not. See- ‘rejection.' See also - tears.

Don’t let this happen. Share your proposal with – we could make it happen. 

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